‘Dunki’ Movie Review



DUNKIi is a comedy-drama film based on “donkey flights”, an illegal immigration technique. The film is directed and edited by Rajkumar Hirani and produced under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment and Jio Studios.

Raj Kumar Hirani has an impressive resume and hence his association with SRK created tremendous expectations. The film begins in the conventional Hirani way slowly drawing the audience into the very normal world of Hirani’s. Unfortunately unlike his previous films despite a strong plot the screenplay is laborious as it circles around to get to the essence of the story. The comedy is sadly contrived while the drama feels stilted. The vanilla first half is largely a set up of reasons to get to the real journey in the second half. Ironically in the second half, Dunki the journey is trumped up and hollow. The following episodes in London are a sham and hardly amusing. A melodramatic twist towards the end doesn’t help the cause either as the film slowly slips into the sunset unworthy of leaving even a shadow.

A bleached beefed Shah Rukh Khan hams all the way. Tapasee Pannu is average. Vicky Kaushal stands out in a short role. Bomman Irani is good and so are Vikram Kochar and Anil Grover.

Cinematography by C. K.Muraleedharan, Manush Nandan, Amit Roy Kumar and Pankaj is neat. Background score by Aman Pant and songs by Pritam works. Hirani’s editing is fine. Dialogues are average while direction is middling.

DUNKI is a formulaic soulless journey !!