LAL SALAAM is a sports drama film written and directed by Aishwarya Rajinikanth and produced by Subaskaran Allirajah under Lyca Productions.

The film begins in a very vague way with the scenes all over the place without a proper direction in place. It is not easy to have a grasp of the tossed screenplay but then there a few sparse interesting moments that manages to keep the interest of the viewers kindled.The characterisation is loose and not properly defined. The first half is sprayed all over while the second half continues in the same vein. The sub plots are a major distraction. Aishwarya tries to amalgamate a story that weaves two most crucial factors that impact the society, cricket and religion. In a few scenes Aishwarya does deliver some sparkle but they are far and few While Aishwarya seems to have a well thought out plot, the lack of ingenuity and the truckload of cliches make for a very average film.

Rajinikanth delivers a casual extended cameo. Vishnu Vishal is good and Vikranth does his best. Jeevitha looks artificial.Vignesh,Livingston are decent. Senthil is refreshing to watch.

Cinematography by Vishnu Rangasamy is fine.
Editing by B. Pravin Baaskar is loose. Music by A. R. Rahman is average. Dialogues are good and direction normal

LAL SALAAM is more grey !!