PAMBATTAM is a fantasy thriller that is written and directed by Vaduvidaiyan. The film is produced by V Palanivel.

PAMBATTAM is a retro imaginary tale that has decent production values and neat art direction that is necessary for movies of such genre. Though the fanciness is limited, it is effective, as the story is about a series of murder that is set against the backdrop of a royal kingdom. The movie is decent in parts and manages to more or less keep the audience engaged, mostly due to the sets and the tone of the film. In the second half where the movie starts to unravel, the proceedings slip and a bad climax is disappointing to a film that rather begins interestingly well.

Jeevan as the police officer is impressive, while as the son is disappointing. Mallika Sherawat is OK in a small role. Rittika Sen is good.

Cinematography by Iniyan J Harish is good. Amrish’s background score is loud but effective at some places. Editing by Suresh Urs is crisp. Dialogues are good and direction is OK.

PAMBATTAN fails to uncoil neatly !!