BYRI is a thriller drama written and directed by John Glady. The feature film is produced by V.Durai Raj and the music composed by Arun Raj.

Set in the backdrop of pigeon racing and a rustic environment, the film does take its time in the first half to educate the viewer about the game. The characters too get defined during the process and the intensity gradually builds up once the viewer is aware of the rules of the game and the politics behind it. The second half is where the film actually races and gets exciting. The twists and the drama too help in the racy screenplay, yet there are moments where the film’s pace does lag especially in the second half. The subject is not what Tamil cinema has seen before but a film completely devoted to it must be a first. The climax works big time and a possible lead for a second part makes it much more interesting.

Good performances make the movie much more convincing. Syeed is good. Meghna Ellen is neat. Viji Sekar. John Glady do well.

Cinematography by Vasanth Kumar fits the bill. Arun Raj’s background score is as expected. Editor Sathish Kumar’s editing is OK. Dialogues are fine and direction for a debutant is noteworthy.

BYRI impresses with its effort and its presentation !!