RATHNAM is an action drama that is written and directed by Hari. Hari’s last outing was not a commercial success. This film is produced by Zee studios.

RATHNAM begins in a very underwhelming way. The routine mass elements of Hari is every evident in every frame and the rote presentation gets boring pretty soon. The Hari of old times despite a typical template, invested in a racy narration that helped in the success of the film. But Hari of late seems to be so disconnected that the spark is missing. The dull moments are plenty and that takes a toll on the viewers. Entertainment is zilch and the film is replete with noise and mindless action. There is a surprise that is unfortunately not proficiently dealt with. The length of the film is a downer too.

Vishal’s acting despite the action scenes doesn’t make any impact. Priya Bhavani Shankar is just about OK. Samuthrakanni is a bore. Yogi Babu has little to do. The villains are the usual ones you will find in Hari films.

Sukumar’s cinematography is neat. DSP delivers to Hari’s liking. TS Jay’s editing is subpar. Dialogues are average while direction is inadequate.

RATHNAM is a definite miss !!



B.U. Shreesha