SABARI is a crime thriller produced by Mahendranath Kondala. The film is written and directed by Anil Katz.

The movie kicks off with some promising moments in the first half, but the momentum fizzles out in the latter half, leaving viewers bored. The antagonist’s motives lack conviction, which ultimately undermines the entire narrative. “Sabari” falls short of its potential, mainly due to its inability to offer the expected excitement. The film introduces a psychological disorder premise, but it feels stale and lacks innovation. While the twist in the plot aims to spice things up, it’s disappointingly predictable, failing to deliver the desired impact. Certain scenes come across as exaggerated and unrealistic, making it hard to suspend disbelief. Despite its shorter runtime, the film feels unnecessarily prolonged. The climax is a letdown, failing to evoke any emotion or hold attention.
Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is good. Mime Gopi as the antagonist is fine. Shashank does his part well.

Cinematography by Rahul Srivastav and Nani Chamidisetty is functional. Gopi Sundar’s background score and songs are very average. Editing by Dharmendra Kakarala is sloppy. Dialogues are OK and direction standard.
Sabari misses out despite promise !!