VADAKUPATTI RAMASAMY is a period comedy that is written and directed by Karthik Yogi. The film is produced by People’s Media Factory.

The film sets out on a routine route albeit a different staging and that immediately captures the attention of the audience. Then there is the plot that is intriguing and fun. The screenplay set on the track of comical situations manages the chug the script along. There a lot of fun moments and you cannot discount some fail to evoke any laughter. The writing is mostly smart and at times shoddy on purpose while it has to bank on the slapstick comedy. Downside of the film is its predictability and the obvious twists and the turns that is expected out of such mindless comedy films. Another plus is the absence of action or romance that would have unsettled the rollicking journey. The best part of the film is letting the viewer decide for themselves what they ought to believe in, unlike most films that preach and bore the viewers. Note the smart title of the film..

Santhanam is good, a clear deviation these days from being the loud character. The casting is apt for such films and the comedy band make their presence felt. Lollu Sabha Manohar is good and ably supported by Seshu, Mottai Rajendran and Cool Suresh. Nizhalgal Ravi is a surprise. Megha Akash is neat.

Deepak’s cinematography is neat. Sean Ronald’s background score is fun and the songs too work. Dialogues are good and direction is amusing.

VADAKUPATTI RAMASAMY is an entertaining fare if you can ignore the clichés !!