Devil is a thriller drama written and directed by Aathityaa. The film was produced by R Radhakrishnan, S Hari under the banner H Pictures, Maruthi Films.
DEVIL makes a very good impression as it begins. The tension is palpable as the nervousness in the characters slowly but surely makes their presence felt. Very soon the formulaic presentation gets tiring, and the delay in revealing the plot gets too much to take. The first half is spent flirting with “a murder to happen” idea and in the second half where the action actually takes place is a slipshod execution. By now the audience is already yawning because the predictability of the climax can easily be seen from a distance. Yet, the writer in his attempt to be smug brings in a mystery element towards the climax that result in nothing, but a wry smile on the faces of the viewers for having the patience to being put through this ordeal.
If there is one character that has managed to keep the viewer seated throughout the film it is Poorna. She shoulders the entire film with a very fine performance. Vidharth unfortunately doesn’t quite fit the bill. Thrigun is good. There is Mysskin too.. is he there? And for what?

Karthil Muthukumar’s cinematography is good. Mysskin’s background score is decent in parts and arrogant at times. The songs are a downer. Dialogues are neat while direction is standard.

DEVIL is at its best an OTT watch !!