Chiclets is a youth drama Tamil movie directed written and directed by Muthu M. The film is produced by SSB Films.

The film’s intention is clearly set in the first few minutes with the three leads who are school girls. Add being rebellious and now you have a lot of steamy scenes that are nothing but sleaze. The comedy that has a lot of X rated dialogues makes it much more messy. To bring in some sensibility there is a parent – children conflict angle that the film tries to explore and fails. Towards the climax the film gets even more confusing if the viewer is still invested in it.

Sathvik Varma is neat, Jack Robinson too is OK. The protagonists who are the female leads in the form of Nayan Karishma, Surekha Vani who fail miserably more so because of the writing and the director.

Technically the film is as weak as it script and nothing is remotely good in this department too. The dialogues are weak. Music by Balu is below average. The direction is mediocre.

CHICLETS is a definite miss !!